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NIJL Aircraft Docking

NIJL Aircraft Docking specializes in full aircraft docking systems for a wide variety of commercial aircraft with 50 years of customer satisfaction.

737 Tail Dock perfectly fitted within existing MRO hangar by means of 3D scanning.

Austrian Airlines complete narrow body docking system (nose, wing, tail, fuselage) for A320 aircraft.

British Airways at London Heathrow Airport – wide body nose and fuselage dock that will serve A380, A330, A340, A350, 777, 767, 747 and 787 aircraft.

Lufthansa Technik wide body tail and wing dock for A330, A340, A380 and 747 aircraft.  The tail dock will also serve MD-11 and 777 aircraft.

Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico narrow body docking system (nose, wing, tail) for A320 and 737 aircraft.

SR Technics narrow body docking system – nose, wing, tail & fuselage.  Will serve A320 and 737 aircraft.

Contact Dean Calin at dean@tristar.aero or call 262 366-8591 for quotes or more information about docking structures by NIJL.

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