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Luminator Aerospace Solutions

Luminator Technology Group produces a wide variety or lighting solutions for commercial aircraft.  Looking around a modern wide-body jet like the Boeing 787 you will find Luminator solutions all around you, from seat control solutions, interior lighting and signs to lighted switches on the inside of the aircraft.  On the exterior of the plane you will find Luminator wingtip lights, landing lights, logo lights and more.

Commercial aerospace sales professionals from TriStar Aircraft Spares can provide Luminator products on an as-needed basis or we can, more economically, set you up with a provisioning solution that offers best pricing and scheduled deliveries.

Below you will find a small sample of Luminator aerospace solutions.  Luminator’s CAGE code is 0VDA9.

Passenger Service Unit (PSU)

Ordinance Sign

Passenger Smart Sign

First Class Passenger Control Unit

Exterior LED Lights

De-Ice Light

Exit ID and Master Call Light

Cargo Light

Red Exit Sign

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