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TriStar Aircraft Spares GSE Services

TriStar Aircraft Spares is the leading aerospace and defense GSE representative for these great manufacturers of aircraft access and ground support solutions:

Bailey Specialty Cranes and Aerials, Inc.

Bailey Develops Next Generation, Explosion-Proof Aerial Work Platforms

Complicated hydraulic systems resulted in extensive use of hydraulic hoses which caused many leak points and a maintenance nightmare. Better motor switching technology results in longer life and reduced maintenance.

The original ANSI standard in 2002 was A92.5 and A92.6.  Currently the ANSI standard is A92.20. The most significant change is platform load sensing.  The ability to sense the load in the platform and stop functions for safety. Our new systems incorporate this load sensing technology compliant with EX explosion-proof standards.

Explosion-Proof Boom Lifts

Explosion-Proof Scissor Lifts

TriStar Aircraft Spares GSE Services

Protection Solutions for General Aviation, Commercial, Military, Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft

TriSoft Aircraft Covers makes distinctive safety covers for all aircraft, featuring kits for use on military and commercial aircraft.

Click on the TriSoft logo, above, to see some of the many TriSoft Aircraft cover kits that we have available!

TriStar Aircraft Spares GSE ServicesCOMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT


GPU’s – So Easy!

AMPJET® marks the next generation of ground power units, setting a whole new industry standard in design, power and ease of use. Here’s how.

Smarter Ground Power Units
AMPJET isn’t just built better, with attention to detail and quality—it’s built smarter. As it communicates with you, its components are communicating with each other, constantly optimizing and adjusting, setting a whole new standard in performance.

AMPJET Ground Power Units feature:

  • Simple push-a-button operation
  • State-of-the-art synergic engine generator controller
  • Easy access service enclosures
  • Telematics (optional)


SAF-T-LOK is an American, ISO-9001 rated manufacturer of adhesives, lubricants, and sealants.  A great number of the products that SAF-T-LOK manufactures conform exactly to military standards but at more attractive pricing than competing manufacturers.  TriStar Aircraft Spares recognizes that aerospace MRO providers can greatly benefit from these chemical products that are used daily.  Why pay more for an identical  product from a “brand name?”  Switch to SAF-T-LOK for measurable cost savings!

SAF-T-LOK T-42 Blue Threadlocker

SAF-T-LOK's T-42 Blue Threadlocker is its most popular seller!

SAF-T-LOK’s T-42 Blue Threadlocker is its most popular seller!


Controlled Dynamics LogoAerospace Stands

Mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that do not fall apart

TriStar Aircraft Spares is the exclusive aerospace and defense distributor for the strongest and most versatile modular stand creation system in the industry.  Expanding on the ANGLE-LOCK™ technology, originally patented for the folded carton industry, with over five years developing and perfecting a completely new structural aluminum framing system aimed at maximizing the strength of extruded profiles by creating mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that do not fall apart even when subjected to heavy industrial vibrations.

CDI 95K lbs Leopard Tank


TriStar Aircraft Spares GSE Services

Every aerospace operation needs wheel chocks for aircraft, vehicles or wheeled carts.  Worden Safety Products makes a wide variety of wheel chocks for all sizes of aircraft from GA to the largest commercial models.

Made of durable, extruded EPDM rubber, these chocks are long lasting and are essential to operational safety.  Click the logo above or the image below to find out more.

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