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Controlled Dynamics

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Mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that do not fall apart

Expanding on the ANGLE-LOCK technology, originally patented for the folded carton industry, with over five years developing and perfecting a completely new structural aluminum framing system aimed at maximizing the strength of extruded profiles by creating mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that do not fall apart even when subjected to heavy industrial vibrations.

Controlled Dynamics product line is versatile enough to hold military tanks or construct work stations and equipment supports!


Ideally Suited to Aerospace and Defense Applications

The Controlled Dynamics Angle Lock™ combines a sleek and professional design with an unparalleled linking system that insures that components joined together stay together – no vibration, no wobble.  Did you see the tank video?  What incredible strength!  When YOU decide to redesign your structure YOU can add to or subtract from your creation as you see fit.  All at a price that every OEM or MRO operation can afford!

Rock Solid and Professional Looking!


You saw the tank video – look at this!

This is a two-ton metrology table set upon a Controlled Dynamics Angle Lock™ table.  Incredible strength!  Your maintenance crews will have improved productivity and safety knowing how stable and secure their Angle Lock™ access structure is.

Two-Ton Metrology Table on an Angle Lock™ table!

The Controlled Dynamics Angle Lock™ system is nothing like what you’ve used before – it is light-years ahead of the competition.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to study the extrusions, connections and accessories you will be as intrigued as a host of other engineers and designers who have come to love working with this system!

Sample Angle Lock™

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